Sonoma’s success is built on a foundation of trust. If you are looking for an experienced partner with a proven track record to help you better support your customers, then Sonoma is the right choice. We understand there is nothing our clients’ value more than quality customer support and protecting the security of their members’ personal and financial information.

We will work closely with you to ensure we meet all your needs and concerns while providing ahighly professional and secure service that will help your organization thrive in our ever-changing technical world.

At Sonoma, we believe a help-desk operation provides an important way for you to maintain a dialog with your members and ensure you understand how they feel about your products and services. It is also an ideal way for you to trouble shoot and continually fine-tune your products and services.

By utilizing our tools, you will never lose touch with your Customers’. Our technology allows us -- and you -- to monitor on a real time basis what is happening at “your” help desk. We give you access to the information you would have if you were operating your own help desk

Why Sonoma:

  • History of Success
  • Market Expertise
  • Virtual Model
  • Superior Employees
  • Customizable & Flexible
  • Partner vs. Vendor