Sonoma Technical Support Services has been a pioneer in providing expert, help-desk support services to the members of financial institutions across Canada since its inception. We understand there is nothing our client’s value more than quality customer support and protecting the security of their members’ personal and financial information.

We work closely with you to ensure we meet all your needs and concerns while providing a highly professional and secure service that will help your organization thrive in our ever-changing financial world.

The Financial Market and the products and services offered continue to evolve. The challenge becomes how to get your members to use these new and existing products. Sonoma believes that the only way to ensure the adoption is through education and support. Sonoma has become a trusted partner through its commitment to excellence and by giving members the comfort of knowing help is available – day and night.

Today Sonoma offers a number of support services that allows you to compete while maintaining and building on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Sonoma’s team brings extensive knowledge and experience to support the following services: