As your ATM network expands and an increasing number of your members embrace the convenience of using these services, so does the need for help desk support.

Sonoma is now please to offer a help desk service that your members can immediately call if they experience any problems using your ATM. By placing a unique 1-800 number on your ATM's your members can call for assistance 24 x 7 and Sonoma will provide information addressing any concerns they might have, such as:

Provide immediate responses to your member questions whether it be a transaction-related inquiry or an ATM location question:

  • Where are your branches?
  • Where is nearest ATM?
  • Follow-up needed by branch to member
  • Card not returned to member
  • Partial dispense received
  • No receipt received
  • Screen not working
  • Keyboard not working
  • Deposit – did not receive receipt

Provide trend analysis for potential maintenance problems (dispense or card reader) Report chronic low cash conditions.