As banking becomes more automated, it brings tremendous freedom and accessibility to your members, while at the same time creating unique challenges. Encouraging members to do more of their banking online requires that you understand and address their concerns and questions in a timely manner, thus limiting frustration and even the fear of making mistakes. There is nothing more reassuring for members than knowing they can bank on their own time and access a live help-desk representative at any time of the day or night.

Sonoma offers more than 20 years of experience combining superior customer service and technical know-how to give credit union members the support they need. Here are some of the key issues our representatives resolve on a daily basis:

  • Mobile Banking (Smartphone Browser Support including Android and iPhones, SMS text banking alerts, Mobile Web and Mobile App Support)
  • Fraud Alert and Prevention
  • Increased Authentication (Unlocks and Resets)
  • Email Money Transfers
  • Online Registration and Online PAC Resets (assist members through new self-serve features)
  • Browser Issues (upgrades, security warnings, popup blockers, incompatible versions, browser settings)
  • Adding bill payment vendors and setting up recurring and stop payments
  • Login Procedures and Navigation Assistance
  • Personal Financial Management Software (Exporting and Integration)
  • Transfers (one-time / future-dated / recurring)
  • Account information (balance and detail variances)